Saturday, January 27, 2007

27 January 2007 -- Home from the Sea -- for a bit

Just off the phone with dear "Mary Mea Culpa" ( inside joke) -- a friend along with her hubby Bill from Constellation's Trans-Atlantic last May. Note to Mary: thanks for the proof-reading, it is ALWAYS appreciated. And, most importantly -- Happy (belated) Birthday!

Talking with another ship lover always spurs me to jot a few notes. And, since this is a blog, I will do my best to be a faithful correspondent. To that end, upcoming bits of news from out here on the edge of the Pacific: next Sunday, the Queen Mary 2 will sail under the Golden Gate -- the largest passenger vessel ever to visit our fair city. Needless to say, I am full of excitement, having never seen her before. Luckily, through excessive pleading ( and a few drinks) I was able to secure passage aboard the Jeremiah O'Brien for her special "greet the Queen" sail-in party. That will be a blog entry for sure ( with photos). Can't wait! Also, Bill "Mr. Ocean Liner" Miller will be sailing with the QM2 so I'll be able to chat with my "maritime mentor" for a bit.

And when next to sea? I'm happy to say we'll be back aboard Celebrity Constellation for her September crossing from Dover to Port Liberty. Along the way, stops in Ireland and Halifax will allow me to pick up even more Titanic and White Star memorabilia. My book-shelves are already groaning in anticipation.

To my left on the piano: a stack of maritime prints and photos to scan for our next lecture. To my right: a stack of PR work ( how I hate when "land life" intrudes on "ship life"). It's the weekend, so I think ships may win this round. A few miles away, Titanic is getting ready to "sail" away from her exhibit berth at the downtown Metreon Center. It's been a good run, having now completed its second extension. Having seen the Titanic artifact exhibit in two other incarnations ( Atlantic City and Las Vegas) I can fairly say this one was the best. During the run, I met and befriended Lee Merideth, authore of "1912 Facts About Titanic" -- a must-have for any buff. We gleefully bent each others' ears chatting about all-things-ships-and-Titanic last weekend. What fun! Also, Lee shared with me some wonderful photos of the Titanic museum in Branson, Missouri. I have never been, but after seeing these pix ( above) -- I'm ready for a road trip!

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