Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Luncheon of the "Boating Party"

Today, had a fabulous catch up lunch with my dear friend Gene Ramey: artist, scholar, consultant AND musician ( quite the Renaissance man). Gene, whom I met when I was on the board of "Visual AID" ( a charity offering assistance to artists living with AIDS / HIV) came into the City today to help me hang our next show: maritime art by Matt Southard, famed photographer of the San Francisco Examiner. Southard, who passed away a couple of years back, left a legacy of incredible paintings which his daughter, Donna, found -- literally -- in the attic. The image (to the left) shows his incredible painting called "Quarantine" which shows the classic Normandie and Bremen together. Wonderful!

"David, would you take a look at these?" she queried one fine day. Of course -- hearing the subject matter -- I concurred. What I saw would fill a maritime curator with glee: original, never-before-seen paintings of ships ( military and passenger) from years past. I was hooked, and forthwith scheduled a party and showing. For all of you in the vicinity of our offices tomorrow night -- swing by!

Last week, had a wonderful "last minute" jaunt to New York City to visit Alfredo's aunt & uncle visiting from Brazil. Luckily, my martime mentor and treasured friend, Bill Miller, was in town. We spent three glorious days in his guest room, surrounded by paintings of ships; 946 models of ships; and dozens-and-dozens of bookshelves groaning under the weight of ship memorabilia -- you get the picture. Our thanks to Bill for his kindness and hospitality. Having now visited "Casa Miller" I understand how he earned the moniker of "Mr. Ocean Liner."

More anon -- will report tomorrow after the party on the response to Matt Southard's wonderful paintings.