Sunday, October 11, 2009

Farewell "SS United States"?

Ahoy Dear Friends -- as Alfredo and I prepare for this year's "Crossing" (November 5 - 20, Rome to Fort Lauderdale aboard the glorious new "Celebrity Equinox") I am reminded of the great "Big U" -- "SS United States" now rusting away at a Pier in Philadelphia.

When I was ten years old, I touched her hull: tied up as she was then (already retired) next to the carrier "John F. Kennedy" in Norfolk, Virginia. The grainy polaroid of that pilgrimage was 38 years ago. She's been moved around from pillar to post to back-water port since then. Sad. Tragic. Unthinkable for the STILL-holder of the "Blue Riband" for the fastest Westbound Atlantic Crossing.

Below - a link to a recent article in the "Wall Street Journal" about the ship's doubtful future. If you feel as I do that this ship -- this national symbol -- must be saved, please join the "United States Conservancy" online:

Below, Jesse Pesta's wonderful article from the September 30, "Wall Street Journal"

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